Umbro Sala Pro DPS Futsal FIFA PRO Ball Size 4

$ 60.00
The new Umbro Ballroom Pro, official model of the 2018 National Futsal League is developed with DPS Dual Pressure System®, double panels that provide durable seams with smooth touch and uniform surface, leaving the model more aerodynamic, breaking the resistance of the air and making the ball trajectory in passes and kicks more precise. The new Deca 10 configuration joins 4 hexagonal shell-shaped panels and 6 more elongated panels, coating the ball and creating a larger contact area, as well as reducing the quique of the ball. The special paint present at specific points intensifies the ball grip and ensures superior control for dribbling. In addition, the model is built with recyclable materials, helping the environment. All construction of the model meets FIFA's quality standards and official size 5